Blonde Neon

Blonde Neon is a woman-fronted superdupergroup featuring all the high-energy, danceable ‘80s new wave and rock tracks by the best female artists of the decade!

Front-woman and actual blonde Karin Calde has the pipes of an angry angel and the catlike moves of that one song by The Waitresses! Ruba Tuesday rocks like no other on vocals, keytar, guitar, harmonica, and probably some other instrument by the time you see her next! Drummer Patrick Stein keeps the beat steady and pulls it right out of his pocket (not kidding)! Bassist Justin May lights up the stage and keeps the groove pumpin’ with his fingers AND a pick too! Guitarist Ross Burdick swings hot solos and can play more than one string at time! Keyboardist Ian Roberts flings his hair while playing up to ten notes at a time!

If you crave songs by Blondie, Missing Persons, Berlin, Pat Benatar, Heart, Go-Go’s, Pretenders, Yaz, and more, you’ve come to the right place! Come home to Blonde Neon, the nicest band you’ll ever dance your ass off to. Seriously, they’re all very nice people.